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Closet & Beyond is a leading manufacturer, designer and builder of custom closets near you in the McLean, VA area.

Quality & Perfection

Our closet systems are manufactured in a seamless process that is built for perfection. It is right what your home in McLean, VA needs.

Excellent Design

We have designers who are at the top of their game designing functional and aesthetically pleasing closets to maximize your space in McLean, VA.

For Every Budget

As we manufacture all our closet units here in the U.S., we are cutting costs on outsourcing and shipping so that you can have closet systems for your budget in McLean, VA.



We design and build smart, stylish spaces in your home to let you live your life to the fullest. Catering to the McLean, VA area, we aim to deliver custom closets and storage solutions that match your home décor and suit your lifestyle.

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the amount of chaos in your house? Then Closet & Beyond’s custom closets and storage systems might be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Together, let’s get rid of the clutter that plagues important spaces in your home, from your bedroom and entertainment area to the entryway and the kitchen. We specialize in walk-in closets, home offices and more.

Our talented team servicing the McLean, VA area is experienced in designing custom closets and storage systems that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Getting Started

The custom closet design process begins with our free consultation, either virtual or in-home. This will allow us to speak with you more comprehensively and discover your needs and wants.

We will then take measurements of your space and note the items you want organized. Your experienced designer in McLean, VA will need to find out how you use your space, take inventory of your personal items such as clothes and shoes. The goal here is to gather as much information as possible to design the best closet storage system that maximizes your space.

After the consultation, our experienced designer will share the proposed custom storage solution, including the preferred materials that will be used. We have plenty of design options to choose from. You can select your closet door, decorative hardware and accessories. The custom closet will be rendered in 3D so you can fully visualize the outcome.

On theinstallation day, our own insured installers will install our custom closet systems. Depending on the number of closets that will be installed, it will take at least one day to complete the job. We’re happy to note that our installers are NOT subcontractors.

Zip codes we serve: 22043, 22046, 22101, 220102

Request a complimentary design consultation today and discover how our custom closets can change your life.



Custom closet solutions for walk-in / master bedroom closets near you. We also offer home office, garage storage, pantry, laundry room, mudroom, baby closet, murphy / wallbeds, and built-in closets right in McLean, VA.

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Walk-In Master Closets

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Media Center

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Laundry Room


Garage Storage

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Murphy Bed

custom built-in closets

Home Office

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Baby Closets


Here at Closet & Beyond, we see your home as more than a building – it’s your personal refuge, the space where you can truly relax and be yourself.




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With a wide range of services, Closet & Beyond is proud of delivering high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional service to each of our clients. We are dedicated to designing storage solutions that suit individual client needs and requirements. Anything you need -walk-in closets, master closets, custom closets – we will design in McLean, VA.

Hassle-Free Installation

Our in-house installers on top-notch, experienced, and insured installers that have been doing this job for over 20 years.

Best Value for Budget

Closet & Beyond has solutions for every budget. We build functional and beautiful closets at the most optimum pricing point.

Dedicated Service

For us, personalized and dedicated service to our clients is our motto. We take pride in transforming your spaces into organized systems right here in McLean, VA.



The best storage solution is the one that’s custom-designed for you. That’s why we personally pay attention to and design every single closet that we install – right down to the master closet. If you need help in picking a design, read about custom closet trends here



At Closet and Beyond McLean, VA, we listen to our customer’s needs and work for hand in hand with them to meet their unique specifications whether it’s for their walk-in closets or their master closets. Our commitment to quality speaks for itself with our returning customers and word of mouth referrals.


Closet & Beyond seeks to fulfill every aspect of customers’ custom space aspirations – whether it is redesigning a new kitchen pantry, home office, basement and many more. It also has the best-in-class selection of complimentary products, which are needed to realize the vision customers have with regard to their spaces.

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As we serve Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, you can find our showrooms in the following locations:

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