A Murphy bed can add up to 100 square feet to your space! This impressive, functional piece of furniture allows more room for you to entertain and accommodate guests when needed.

Owning a murphy bed, also known as a folding bed or wall bed, is a great call when you need to create more space in your home. Adding at least 7 feet of extra space, our murphy beds can be tailored to your unique space and needs. Whether you need a guest bedroom for accommodating family and friends on vacation or looking to have a single room with multiple purposes, consider a Closet & Beyond wall bed in your home in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia.

Just think about the possibilities even when you have limited space: You can have it in your home office if you need an extra bedroom. You can have it installed in your child’s bedroom for sleepovers. A custom wall bed can get you an extra room in a studio apartment.

The space-saving furniture allows you the functionality you need when you need it. If you’re expecting guests, using a murphy bed is easier than unfolding a sofa bed or inflating an air mattress. From folding in when you have guests over to folding out when you need to call it a night, a murphy bed gives you both the functionality and style you need to make the most of your space.



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Our durable, top quality Murphy Beds and outstanding customer support have made us the choice of hundreds of clients in Alexandria. Get the world’s best wall bed shipped straight to you!


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