Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a custom closet?

With a custom closet, you can get more out of the space in your home! You can increase your storage potential, get more organized at home and ease your stress levels.


What are the things I need to consider before building my closet?

We’ve heard this question so many times, we decided to write an article about it. Here are some of the design factors to consider when building your own closet.


What cities do you serve?

Closet & Beyond offers custom closet solutions to Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Get in touch with us to learn if we can accommodate your zip code.


How long does it take to get my closet installed?

Whether it’s a storage solution for your kitchen pantry or a chic walk-in closet for you and your partner, we can assemble and install closets in as little as three weeks. Turnaround time depends on the materials used. 


How much does an average closet cost?

Our custom closets start at $995 and can go upwards depending on the size of the space and the materials used. Get in touch with one of our expert designers to receive a complimentary estimate.


Can I design my own closet?

Our designers can work with you to create the closet that you’ve always wanted.


Can I see my closet design before I commit?

Yes! Our designer will show you the proposed design and wait for your go signal or any change request before we begin building the closet. You may revise the design up to three times.


What materials does Closet & Beyond use?

We use melamine, medium density fibreboard (MDF) laminate and boutique boards to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and styles.

Melamine boards are imported from Canada and using this material gives us a turnaround time of 2-6 weeks. We can go over the details regarding color options and finishes during the design consultation.

MDF Laminate boards are a higher grade product compared to melamine. They are the same thickness and require a similar way of installation, but the MDF laminates are more like furniture style boards (the material comes in boxes ready for installation, like when you order furniture). Simply put, MDF laminates offer 10-12 different color options, definitely are a better quality option than the melamine boards, and cost more.

Boutique boards include lacquer painted and wood-veneered materials. Among the three options, boutique has the best quality. The lacquer paint can match any color that you prefer. It also offers the option to use real wood (walnut, oak, cherry, maple–you name it), and like the laminate boards, boutique boards come in boxes ready for installation, like when you order furniture.

Whether you need closets for your laundry room or looking for a brand new media center, we have a range of accessories in different finishes, styles, and brands. We share more information about our materials here.


What type of warranty do the systems carry?

From baby closets to wet bars and walk-in closets to mudrooms, all closets we build carry a limited lifetime warranty.


Can I adjust my closet after it’s installed?

Our closets, especially our kids’ closets, are designed to allow for the changing needs of our clients. If you wish to adjust or redesign a section of your closet, contact us and a professional installer will assist you.


What’s next after my appointment with the closet designer?

It would be the time to wait for a 3D closet design. It may take our designer approximately 2-3 days to come up with a mock-up you will fall in love with.


What type of insurance is provided?

We are fully insured to protect our customers and their homes.


How do I get a closet built?

Get in touch with us and request an estimate to get started on improving your space! We’re ready to give you your bespoke closet for your entryway, master bedroom, laundry room, living room, home office, garage, or even your children’s room! 



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