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Custom Closet in Fairfax VA

Custom Closet Fairfax VA

An organized and a better closet can bring joy and satisfaction to your lives. You’ll no longer struggle to look for that special dress for an evening party. Having a custom closet can reduce clutter and can greatly improve your home and life.We are Custom Closet in Fairfax VA.

Our ultimate goal is to transform your home by maximizing storage spaces. We design for both functionality and aesthetics. We will work closely with you to achieve that dream closet design.



It’s extremely easy to get in touch and communicate with us. You can either give us a call, email us, or simply fill out the form available on the website so we can schedule you for a consultation. As soon as the appointment is confirmed, a skilled and professional design consultant will work closely with you.


We go the extra mile to satisfy You, our clients. In this regard, we make sure that all your needs are met. As soon as the design consultant has seen your space and considered your objectives, the right solution will be designed for you. As to the delivery, it may depend on how simple or complex the project is. One thing is certain: we will do our best to have the exact design that you have in mind.

Home Office and Entertainment Centers

For people working from home, it’s imperative to have an organized space for all your equipment, devices, office supplies, books and decorations. This is where we come in — we help you build the perfect cabinets and shelving for your home office.


After work, you will need to retreat to either your bedroom or the living room. We can help you design an ideal entertainment space for your home too. It’s to give you a stress-free lifestyle where you can enjoy your favorite movie or music without worrying about clutter.

The Laundry and the Mudroom

Efficient storage solutions are needed to keep these two rooms organized and clutter-free. At Custom Closets, that’s exactly what we are going to accomplish. Say goodbye to chaos when you work with us.

Pantries and the Wine Bar

Imagine this: Your friends are coming over for dinner but the food isn’t prepared yet. When this happens, you will need an extremely organized pantry to make it easier to look for those exact ingredients right when you need it.

Sipping a great glass of wine is always a good idea. Your experience will be better if your wine bar is very organized and beautifully designed. Let us help you design a wine bar that’s going to be the envy of all your friends.

The Garage

You may think it’s okay to have chaos here — but you’re wrong. This is the first thing you see when you get home, so it’s only best to see it clutter-free!

Do You Need to Maximize That Storage Space?

We have been helping single house owners in Alexandria Virginia for the longest time. And we intend to still help these homeowners with designing customized and efficient closets that will give them a stress-free and chaos-free life. Contact us Today.

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With a wide range of services, Closet & Beyond takes pride in delivering high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional service to each customer. We are dedicated to designing storage solutions that suit individual styles and requirements. Whether a custom closet or home office remodel, we enjoy working with challenging spaces, such as curved walls, angled walls and sloped ceilings. Sign up today for a free design consultation with our team for more information.

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Anna jennifer

We had a very positive experience working with Closet & Beyond folks. Their designer was knowledgable, and provide us with options without trying to ‘up-sell’. The installers arrived as promised, did a very professional job in a very efficient manner, and made sure we were happy with the final product before they called it a day.

Steve Rubin

Closet & Beyond is a terrific company that does solid work. We have used them on four separate occasions to do major room organization jobs – office, kid’s bedrooms and our master closet and the work is always exemplary.

Their expertise is tops, their materials are selected with care and they stand the test of time and if there is ever a problem they have a very efficient repair crew.

Vladimir Strat

The quality of their cabinets are second to none. I like smoothness of the moving drawers. The latches and everything is built to last.

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