DC’s 2018 Custom Closet Trends

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07/20/2018 closetremodel

DC’s 2018 Custom Closet Trends


Having a great closet is becoming a necessity in the present day. The organization of your home or the workplace can be a determinant of how successful your day will be. And an organized place helps in saving time. So, to get your home more organized, you will need a custom closet. You may think that only clothes styles’ change within season. But the same holds true for closet spaces. The trend for closet spaces is constantly evolving.

It is crucial to rate the construction of a home by how well it utilizes its space and specifically closet spaces.

When you have the latest and most space sufficient closet design, it will boost your confidence. How is that? You may ask. A closet is the place we turn to daily, and for many of us its first thing in the morning when we’re rushing to work. When we are rushing to get dressed and can’t find a specific article of clothing due to an overcrowding or insufficient closet space, it only adds negativity to the day as we will end up spending more time than needed on something as basic as our wardrobe and on the sole basis that it’s unpractical and overcrowded. However, if we turn that scenario around and transform our closet to a viable and well organized one, where we can easily spot every item, which can essentially reduce our time out the door, wouldn’t that boost our mood and confidence?

Now let us get to the nitty gritty of some of how you can achieve this transformation by discussing some of the latest closet designs this year.

Custom Closets in Rental Apartments

Many apartment building owners have started embedding custom closets in their buildings. In a recent past, custom closets were unheard of in apartments. And, in comparison to their counterparts who lived in houses and were able to add this option, the tenants of apartments were left without custom closet spaces. Quite recently, property managers realized this was a deterring factor for many apartment lessees, who needed more than anything somewhere to store and easily find their wardrobes and accessories at their preference of closet space.

Newer luxury apartments, like the ones in Washington D.C. have begun allowing their residents to install custom closets for themselves. The costs of these custom closets are at the expense of their renters and it is a cost many are willing to pay.

Many apartment building owners are using the custom closet feature as a way to entice potential residents. Therefore, if you are currently an apartment lessee and intend to be one for some time, your dreams of having a custom closet won’t have to be compromised much longer. Soon enough, every apartment will have the custom closet feature readily available.

Purposeful Closets 

Washington D.C.’s economy is thriving and the year 2018 and forward, people will be able to afford bigger and better than they once were. And more space consequently means more purposeful space which is obviously synonymous for purposeful closets.

Here are some factors you should keep in mind when designing your purposeful closet:

  1. Location, location, location. – We’ve heard it before but really, even for closets it’s all about location. Imagine having a closet that’s above your room, and having to climb a flight of stairs every day to get to it. Not very convenient, is it? A practical closet space is one that is easy to get to. So logically speaking, it should be attached to your room. If you are the owner of a house, then it should be in your master bedroom.
  2. The shape of your walk in. – The shape of your walk in is also extremely crucial. A square or rectangular shape for example, would be more practical than an L or I shape. An L shape would be very narrow and long and an I shape would be very narrow as well. And what about the rest of that L space that we could’ve used, had the space been a square or rectangular shape? Closets are one of those spaces where every extra bit of space counts. And an open space can be much easier to see your wardrobe in than a narrow one.
  3. What is your end goal? – When we create custom closets, we make sure that they accrue in their value as well. A custom walk-in closet is a great investment since it transforms and adds onto the entire bedroom. A good option is to consider a neutral palette and hardware. This will make your space more attractive for you and your potential home buyer, helping you achieve what your house is worth, if not more.

Some closet trends right now are embossed wood textures that you can both feel and touch. Integrated lighting is also a beneficial factor. Low voltage sophisticated LED lights not only make your closet look good but it can also help you reduce your electricity bill.

Every year we have a variety of products that are introduced due to growing innovation and growing trends. This year is no different and there has been an array of additions that can help you advance and increase your storage space.

  1. Reach-in Closet.The Reach-in closet is essentially a well-organized, shell like closet that will help you find pieces of your wardrobe in nanoseconds. The separating wall can be transformed into a shoe wall if you desire and can store about a hundred pairs of shoes. This closet type can help you achieve additional storage without compromising the look of an elegant bedroom.
    Reach-in-Closet Washington DC



  2.  Pantry Closet
    With an organized pantry you will save more time while you are going around your business in the kitchen. All our pantry closets have pullout shelves that make it easy to access kitchen appliances whenever they are needed.
  3. Wine storage and cellars
    If you are a wine enthusiast, wine storage and cellars will make it easy for you to store and access your beverages. This closet allows you to arrange your drinks and flutes in a great and elegant way, all the while saving space and keeping the beverages out of minors reach.
  4. Media Wall Units
    Another feasible product that we carry is the media wall unit. This allows you to seamlessly integrate electronics like television, sound systems, etc. It can also help provide your wall with integrated ambient lighting. 

    Media Wall Units-Closet-Washinton-DC

    Media Wall Units-Closet-Washinton-DC


  5. Home Office
    We can help you make your home an office where you can actually work from. An unused space or dedicated room can be transformed into a stylish, efficient, and elegant working space in no time.




  6. Mudrooms
    The mudroom is a transition between the outdoors and the indoors. Here we design for you a space that will help you declutter your room and in addition will help keep your living room and other rooms clean. In the mudroom you will be able to keep your wet clothes and sports gear. And at the same time it will be elegant and lit up and simultaneously beauty the entrance of your home. Wouldn’t you like a mudroom?
  7. Laundries
    We help you organize your laundry room with a custom closet that fits your laundry needs in a way where it can be organized efficiently and faster than ever.
  8. Wall Beds
    Wall beds are an excellent space savor. You can pull them down whenever you need and when they’re not in use, you can just push them away and the space can be used for other purposes. A room with a wall bed can be used as a study space or a playroom; a guestroom or a library. The possibilities are endless for a room with a wall bed. Multiple standard mattress sizes which are durable and extremely efficient are highly recommended for wall beds. Both of which can be used either horizontally or vertically.
  9. Garage Storage
    It is easy for the garage space to get cluttered and disorganized since there is too much to keep in the garage. So, let us make your garage more manageable by making superb use of the available space and simultaneously making it look elegant.



If you already have space you don’t know what to do with it then start with that space. Usually when space is already occupied, it is more difficult to have a vision for how it can be altered into a storage space. Contrastingly, when space is vacant, it is easier to visualize it as a storage space.

Closets will always be advancing in design as the time advances. To get the latest and most effective closet design, get in touch with us. We will offer you a free consultation, guaranteed. No matter what your preferences in design are, we are here to make your vision a reality.

At Closet & Beyond, Custom Closets D.C., we specialize in provision of high quality storage solutions that suit your day to day storage needs. We have a team of interior designers, installers, and builders with necessary skills to help you solve your biggest storage problems. Our headquarters are located in the Metro area Washington D.C. Visit us today!

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