Get To Know Our Custom Closet Materials

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09/23/2022 Design

Get To Know Our Custom Closet Materials

Closet & Beyond offers custom closet solutions to Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Whether it’s a storage solution for your kitchen pantry or a chic walk-in closet for you and your partner, we can assemble and install closets in as little as three weeks.

Turnaround time depends on the materials used, where we have 3 main building materials for our customers to select. Here, we take you through the custom closet materials we use to help you get to know them and their features.


Melamine is a fantastic material for building closets. Melamine is made to look like wood, but is actually a type of laminate engineered to be stronger than typical woods used for building lower-quality closets such as plywood. Melamine doesn’t warp and its composition protects it from stains, moisture damage and mold all while being extremely durable and lightweight.

Opting for melamine in your custom closet gives you both durability and a selection of looks to suit your visual preferences. We go over with you the details regarding melamine color options and finishes during the design consultation so you can get the look you want. 

Melamine especially shines as a closet material for storage space that requires quality on a budget. 

At Closet & Beyond, we use melamine boards imported from Canada and are 100% recycled.


MDF Laminate

Medium density fiberboard, or MDF Laminate boards, is a higher grade product from melamine. While both materials have the same thickness and are installed similarly, MDF laminate come in pre-made furniture style boards making them ready for installation. Unlike melamine, MDF laminate is also made of hardwood fibers that are then bonded with resins to create a sturdy building material.

If you decide to go with MDF laminate for your closet, you can select from a wide variety of color options. Although it costs more than melamine, you also get a better quality material.


Boutique Boards

Lacquer painted and wood-veneered boards are the best quality materials you can select with us. On high quality MDF boards, lacquer paint is used as a finish that can match any color that you’d want.

With wood-veneered boards, you get a high quality hardwood veneer that’s then bonded to a composite material. You get to use real wood such as walnut, oak, cherry, maple, and virtually any wood you’d want with the added benefit of being built and ready for installation like our MDF laminate boards. 

At Closet & Beyond, we specialize in building closets to suit your needs, and know full and well that having the right building material will set the quality standard of your closet. We have a team of interior designers, installers, and builders that you can consult with to find the best closet material. Contact us today at or visit any of our showrooms to get started on building the closet you’ve always wanted. You can also fill out and submit the contact us form down below to book an appointment with us.


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