Your laundry room should be as beautiful as the rest of your home. No matter the size, your functional laundry room can still provide plenty of storage with built-in cabinets that will keep your laundry essentials organized.

Create a laundry room that can motivate any family member to wash, dry and fold clothes!

Laundry rooms can pose a challenge especially within small spaces as it can easily become messy and disorganized if there is no decent storage system in place. Family members can quickly make a mess in the laundry room, turning even the cleanest home into a disorganized place.

With winter being the busiest time of the year, it can also be the messiest. Coats and scarves pile up, preventing you from ensuring cleanliness and efficiency. A well-designed laundry room must offer enough space and comfort for keeping dirty clothes, washing and folding laundry as well as storing cleaning supplies.

Cabinets and drawers can help conceal cleaning supply items while pullout racks for storing linen can add ample space to your laundry room.

Get in touch–our laundry room design professionals can help make the most out of your space, regardless of size.



Tips and Ideas

A great hack is to reuse old crates to keep your essentials organized. One can easily stack them on top of the cabinets, really making use of all possible space.


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