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Closet Remodeling Design Ideas

It is high time you remodel you closet if you have problems finding your items in it. At Closet and Beyond we have highlighted some closet remodeling design ideas to help during your remodeling process.

Choose your style

You can achieve a remodel through a variety of solutions. Purchasing a closet kit is the simplest way to achieve a makeover. You can choose either wood or wire for your closet kit. Various retailors a have also come up with custom closet that you yourself can assemble into an entire closet.

If you choose purchasing custom units, they are determined by the linear foots you need. If repacked kits, you can purchase them basing on their linear foot you need- most common ones are five by eight foots.

Another solution are the add-ons. These includes drawers, extra shelving, tie and belt racks and hampers. This can be a good solution as they offer specialized storages as required.

Cleaning your closet

Why is your closet untidy? Are there many boxes on the floor? Is the hanging space inadequate?  To solve this, you can sort you stuff into three pile, keep throw away and donate.  Fold and hang each pile of clothes neatly and do not stack them more than six inches high each. For the non-clothing items to other storage areas in your house. Your infrequently used items, such as seasonal clothing, into a different closet or keep them away in a sealed plastic bins.

Measure your space

After arranging your closet to stacks, you can start planning your closet remodeling by measuring its dimensions, its height, width and depth. Your walls might be out of square, thus it is advisable to measure them at three levels and then use the shortest measurements. Determine your doors and windows and how your closet doors will open. Also, mark utilities, access panels and studs.

Design your closet

Take into considerations the measurements you got and consider the following when creating your closet remodel desired design.

Hanging rods

If planning to have two hanging rod, consider having your top rod at about 80 inches and the bottom one at almost 40 inches from the floor. If u will use a single-and rods (dresses, coats, robes), then you should place it at about 70 inches above the floor.

For you children’s closet remodeling, you can use it for the out of season clothes. You can design it to accommodate adjustable rods so you can adjust it as the children grows or wants additional hanging space.


For your shelving, you can place them vertically at least 12 inches apart for the stacked clothes.

Baskets, Cubbies and Drawers

You can consider using baskets for your sweaters, cubbies for shoes and purses and drawers for storing stocks and belts. You can consider new closets releases, as they are designs cab be adjustable so that you can mix it up for your convenience.

To utilize fully your spaces in in your rooms’ corners, you can choose to use a continuous hanger rod to allow easy sliding. For the wood stems, rod the rod to one wall and then place a tower or shelves about 24 inches from the adjacent walls. If you will require a shelf above the rods, use corner brackets to connect them.

Install your designed custom closet

After coming up with your final closet remodeling design, gather your materials and begin your installation process.  Depending on the type of walls in your closet, it may require special hardware for anchoring shelving to the walls

If using dry wall panels, it may require wall anchors for support, concrete may need drilling to hold the screws and solid wood may not require anchors.

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Way to Improve Your Closets into Luxurious Dressing Rooms

Minor detail mishap occasioned by a messy wardrobe during your morning rush can pose a serious challenge even to the fashion inclined people. This can affect how you feel at parties you were attending or during your workdays. In addition to the Design Remodeling Ideas for Your Closets, organizing your wardrobe can help do away with this frustrating fashion mishaps. Having a well-organized and functionally designed space that leaves a little room for décor statements will allow you to get ready much easily and faster. These ideas from Closet and beyond can help achieve this to improve your closets.

 Light up your closet

Consider choosing lighting that are stylish and flattering. You can position extra lighting just above your clothes to enable you view your clothing while still hanging. Not only will these lights improve your closets by brightening up the entire space, they will also make it so much easy to get ready unlike when you had a dark allay for a closet. While LEDs offer a lot of functional value, you can also make a design statement by opting for a chic overhead light fixture.

If you chooses on going for a neutral color schemes, a metallic accent will greatly improve your closet look. Do not forget to think about scale and ceiling height when choosing a pendant, since you do not want to overcrowd your space if it hangs too low. Installing a sophisticated fixture for your lighting system can be the only decoration you need to make your walk in closet feel like a glamour room.

 Pay attention to details

If you are planning to have a closet island at the center, consider having it on wheels so that you can be able to roll it around while packing and preparing for upcoming events. An island should also offer additional storages for your accessories, from jewelry and sunglasses to mini purses and keepsakes. Drawers will protect help maintain your sunglasses if they have no casings.

You can also opt to tuck your mirror into the denim section of your closet and have an additional tabletop mirror for your essential close-up body makeup. It will also make it easy for you to fasten you jewelry and bring more style to your space.

 Create a clean canvas

Having a Crips white wall can be the perfect canvas to improve your closets with a modern look. This décor accent can help give your closet a gorgeous look of a decent functional and organized closet that maximizes space.  You can use an acrylic divider to separate different types of clothing. It is a smart choice as colorful ones may throughout your color palette and be somewhat distracting. If you dread folding, this can be a good way to stay organized.  You can use a fancy gold hanger to decoratively your favorite dress in your closet cabinets

 Ditch the doors

Having a door less closet can be a good idea to be able to scan your entire wardrobe in blink of an eye. If you have a large collection, it makes sense to give them the spotlight by opting for exposed shelves. A great way to stay organized and display your shoes is to use a simple stackable shoe cubby.

 Edit your wardrobe

Regularly editing your wardrobe can avoid a messy and difficult-to-navigate closet, thus consider what you choose to improve your closets. This will ensure that things do not get overcrowded and cluttered.

You can a pretty but neutral rug to spruce up you walk-in closet.


Advantages of Customized Closets

For most new homeowners, remodeling new houses to fit their needs can be a tiresome adventure. Even current homeowners can decide to make a change.  Other than kitchen countertops, remodeling the baths or repainting to give your home a new refreshing look. Custom closet solutions can be another remodeling strategy. This will give a quick transformation to your home with a little hustle on your part. You can achieve this by renovating the closets with new constructions to formulate, expand or replace the old space to create a customized and refined solution. That can accommodate all of your personal apparel, jewelry, footwear, and accessories.

Closets help in home organization and aesthetics all-round the home from the bedroom all the way to the kitchen. The following ideas from Closet and Beyond can help give your home a luxurious, simple classic remodel that will allow you to enjoy your home better.

Walk In Closet

A customized closet for your master bedroom will give you home a luxurious touch. The costumed storages will keep every item in your wardrobe in place, beautifully displayed, and safely stored. A tidied walk in closet will help reduce time spent daily during dressing. This will give you enough time to get ready in a relaxed manner. A modernly styled closet space will enable you to hang your piece of clothing with spatial proportions upon each hanger. This will avoid crowding of clothes and hence wrinkling. Arrange stacked folded within individual compartments to ensure that there is no risk of falling or disarray when being handled. Avoid doors and sliders that block the view and invest in sturdy, solid-core or solid-wood bi-folds and heavy-duty fittings. Lighter weight doors with bad fittings wobble and constantly fall off their places.

If there is a spare room, you can consider using a cloth rack that you can wheel into the closet during swap-outs. If your closet room is small, stash off-season items in easy-to-hoist bins and space-saving vacuum-storage bags on the closet’s topmost shelf. You can label them for so that you can easily access

The Mudroom or Entryway

Using a customized closet for your shelving in this section can help family members tidy up the area. Custom designing these closets will enable you to customize completely the cabinetry to fit your style. You can have the mudroom blend with the existing finishes of your home or use it to make a new statement with your new organization system.

For your kids’ closets, the kids should be able to reach out for their items and be able to store all their toys shoes, and clothes themselves without assistance from anybody. This will help make the daily cleanup a lot easier for you.

You can include soft-close drawers in bedrooms with minimal floor square footage, customized closet that utilizes the available tall vertical spaces, dull hanging rods which double your cloth space, or a pull-out chrome basket to keep away oddly shaped items.

Kitchens’ Closets

For the kitchen, you can top it up with a customized closet for your pantry. As the kitchen is the busiest room in most homes, an organized customized pantry can be a huge asset. The customization will sure that there is a perfectly designated space for each of the staple items found in the kitchen and ease finding ingredients you need when preparing meals.

To customize them, you can include; a pull out bottle and spice rack for storing your favorite drinks and spices. Vertical shelves for holding baking sheets and cutting boards, a custom chrome basket within your kids reach. So that they can easily pick their snacks or help during cooking.

Combining these designs will help you in creating your dream closets.


Customize Closets Storage Solutions

Closets help improve home organization and structure. With beautiful new built-in cabinetry, drawers, shelves, and accessories.Your closets will completely transform the way you display items throughout the home. There is no better time to think of home organization than at the beginning of a new year although many homeowners shun revamping their closets, as they tend to return into the old mess it was before. This can be due to poor storage solutions that eases keeping of different things in their respective places. You can customize closets around the houses using these solutions from Closet and Beyond to emphasis on creating an organized closet that doubles up as a comfortable place where you can hung out, work or play. Whether intended to accommodate an office space or to be include a garage, you can customize closets using the following custom closet storage solutions.

Shoe Rack or Rails

A customize closets shelving for your shoes allows you to view each pair in its glory unlike when you have to select through a tone to get a pair. A good closet will allow you to evaluate your shoe collection with a single glance. In addition, having your footwear organized and displayed beautifully makes a huge difference in the utility value you get out of each item. To achieve this, you have to customize your shoe shelves to display your collection properly. Properly displayed shoes means you will make the best solution for every outfit and not necessarily the easiest pair to reach for.

Closet Island and Peninsulas

Just like kitchen islands, an island in your closet that would otherwise have too much unused floor space will add more counter space, drawers, and or cabinetry. An island in a big master bedroom walk-in closet is an excellent place for laying out your attire for the next day or to arrange separates without having to try on every piece in combination.

The island will provide additional work surface for folding g your cloths. Also in carrying out various repairs like sewing cloth buttons.

Jewelry Drawers

Have your closet fitted with carefully designed drawer that is fitted with a luxurious velvet, to store away your jewelry and other prized valuables. It will also ensure their safety, as when locked, your jewelry will wait unobtrusively out of sight. At closet and beyond, we recommend they install it at slightly above your hip level, as this will allow you to try out on different pieces quickly when desired.

Belt Racks

You can use a belt rack to customize your closet. With a hook for each belt in your collection, you will give these often-pricey accessories the proper room to breathe. This will also let you see them all at once, and select the one you want without having to disturb the other nearby belts.

Hideaway Ironing Boards

If you find dealing with the freestanding iron boards, this can be a favorite choice. Unlike the old-fashioned traditional standalone ironing boards, which were too big and unwieldy to store directly in you walk-in, they are built-in versions which tuck away nicely when not in use. This ironing board design adds to you home design aesthetics.

Customize Your Storage Style

Use matching hungers to give you closet a boutique look and then organize you clothing by type, and then color shade- dark to bright. Now that your clothes and accessories are organized, consider adding some design elements. Upgrade your lighting with a pretty pendant or add an ornate mirror for a functional and decorative accent. If you have the room, consider a petite stool or bench to make pulling boots on easier, or just to sit back and admire your celeb-worthy closet.

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How to Achieve a Closet Organization that is Near Perfect

Using closets for storage is one of the best ways to help you solve the space problem in your home, while maintaining a state of high organization at the same time. Tailor made closets designed to meet your specific needs, are the best option that you can consider making the most out of your storage space.


Tailor made closes ensure that you remain very organized at your home, thus increasing the efficiency and productivity of your home. There are many ideas and options that can help you in closet organization, while helping you achieve the most out of your home. There are many ideas and designs that you can work with, to broaden your perspectives over the way to go when choosing a closet that fits your needs.


Before you get to think over how to make your closet perfectly organized, there are some factors to consider when designing your closet.


First, you should determine the size of your closet and the shape it should take. You should also decide your categories in such a way that you settle for a closet which is best fit. Thirdly, you should think over the accessories you will store or display in your closet, and the design and color of your room.


Ideas to Help you remain Organized

When settling for the perfect idea for your closet, your space, and the budget you are comfortable with, shall be the main factors that affect what you get.


Shoe Racks

When thinking about shoe racks, settle for sliding angle drawers or even cubes. This design feature is beneficial as one of the design features that are a must have. This design type also helps to keep your shoes in good order.


Vertical Shelf Dividers

These are very convenient and clever ways to keep your folded clothes from merging. They are a serious solution to the problem of always having to sort clothes after you have folded them in your closet. The dividers help you achieve a high closet organization while at the same time helping you make the most out of your space. Every design factor to consider when building a closet should capture these dividers as one of the plans to work with.


Wide Drawers

Among the many other designs that you bring in to achieve perfect organization in your closet, wide drawers combined with flat out shelves are a must have option in your closet. Wide drawers help you to achieve the functionality and ease of use, making it the best option that you can use for your work.


Designed Accessory Hooks

Going an extra mile to install valet hooks will help you achieve some serious closet organization. These hooks will not only be useful for hanging your clothes, but they will also serve to help in keeping your scarves in order.


Double Hanging rods

Having one hanging rod in your closet is important for all your shirts, but double rod, bring the hanging business to a perfect close. They are an ideal achievement for organization when there is limited space. Making your hanging rods adjustable for specialized usage will take the storage solution a step higher in the organization scale.


Closet bench

You can have a small bench added as one of your close accessories to help you in sorting the problem of standing while putting your shoes on. Things get a little comfier with this seat.


To achieve crisp detail in what you make out of your closet, its best to work with professional closet designers who know the way through. Closet and Beyond provides you with the best services, helping you achieve the crispy look in bringing out a perfect closet organization for you.

design factors

Design Factors to Consider when Building a Closet

Custom designers prepare showrooms to help people know the various ways in which they can design their closets and customize them for better usage. These designs are supposed to help the customer visualize the various options that are available to them. There are many designs made for various occasions and purposes, and it is important that you think over the design that pleases you the most.

There is more than one design factor, which comes into play when choosing the style to employ in making a closet. These factors help you in making a preliminary decision, which helps you make an informed decision on what closet to order for. Here are some of the things you should consider.


The type of closet to order for comes with different prices. While there are other factors that affect the pricing of a closet, material factors in a lot. The better the quality of the material is, the higher the price of your closet.

It is always important to consider a material that fits your use. There are reasons that should help you decide on the kind of material to choose from. A strong material is necessary if your children will add your closet to their list of playing toys. You can go for soft material closets if you are not a frequent user of your closet as well. Frequency of use is an important design factors, which helps determine how fast your closet wears, and tears.

The surface design and texture of your closet should also factor in when thinking about the material. The exterior material of your closet should match and bled with your theme colors. The design should also factor in the location the closet will stay in your home.


Your habits and the purpose of the closet will influence the organizational design of the closet. Design an inventory of the various contents that you plan to store in your closet and use them to make your decision. Whether you plan to store big or small items, consider how they will fit in, and how frequent will you need of access to them be.


Lighting is important design factors in a closet. A dark closet presents you with the challenge of finding what you need, fast. Find out the best choice to use in lighting your closet. However, you should only think about closet lighting after you settle on the design you want for your shelving.

When settling for closet lighting, LED lights or lights that do not produce heat are the best for your closet.


Custom closets feature design factors, which will suit your specific needs. Their designs are different from readymade closets to help you address some challenges with you home storage. You can affect the cost of your design in many ways. The more the specifications are, the higher the price of your custom design closet.


The space your closet will occupy is determined by the area you want to fix your closet. Measure the length of the place you would want your closet. Knowing the area available for you will help in making a closet that will fit and maximize the utilisation of that space.

Once you are through with settling for your specifications, the next and final step is to settle on the company that suits in providing you with the best closet design services, Closet and Beyond is a dedicated closet design company that provides you with the best custom design closets to suit your needs. They design your storage space, then create your closet, and install it for you, with a 100% guarantee for satisfaction.


Custom Closets With Very Efficient Closet Accessories

If you are in need of a way to organize your closet in the most productive way, then you need to get a custom closet. There are many kinds of things that can be added to a custom closet like wire shelving to elaborate closet designs that include cabinet doors, crown molding, and decorative hardware to the closets that are custom designed for celebrities that look extraordinary. However, if you want something in the middle of these custom closets options, we the company that makes custom closets DC, Closet and Beyond will design a closet for you that will go above and beyond what you could ever imagine.


We at Closet and Beyond design and make the best custom closet Northern VA. for any of you that need and/or want custom closets in their home. Our team of designers are experts custom closets designers and will build you just the closet that you need and we will also ensure that you get the accessories that you need to make your closet the best ever no matter whether you store a lot of shoes or fancy clothes in it. No matter who you are, we can make sure that you have the accessories you need so your custom closets DC will have the storage space and look that you need and want. One idea is for you to have clean lines and a clean design to have super efficiency.

Getting an open closet as your custom closets Northern VA. design will make getting dressed in the morning an easy task for you. This type of closet includes: shoe racks, pull-out bins, and laundry hampers, tiered hanging rods, and adjustable shelves. These closet accessories will keep your closet neat and organized. The floor-to-ceiling storage space utilizes every inch of your closet space beautifully. Valet rods are another great accessory for your custom closet.

Valet rods, whether they are retractable or stationary, can give you extra space to hang stuff when you need it. This type of hanging rod can be used to help you hold dry cleaning, stage an outfit, or help you with sorting and wardrobe maintenance. A lot of people do not know how much these rods can help them organize their closet until they do. If you fold items in your closet, then shelves with dividers will also be an asset to your closet.

Pull-out shelves that have dividers in them are ideal for clothes that you want to fold like jeans, sweaters, and t-shirts. You will have an easy and quick access to your clothes when you need to pick out an outfit or putting your laundry away. Another benefit of this closet accessory is that you will always be able to easily see the clothes that you store in your closet and will not have to look through all of your clothing and disturb it. Tiered hanging rods will help you make the most of your closet space.

By putting similar items together into groups, you can double the hanging space in any closet by utilizing tiered hanging rods. Your long skirts and dresses can hang freely and along with your blouses and shirts, will take up just the right amount of space. If you own any dress or formal pants, they can stay wrinkle-free on custom hangers which makes all of these clothes sharing the closet space a great experience. Custom shoe racks are another great accessory for your custom closet.

Slanted shoe racks with front rails keep your shoes in plain sight and accessible whenever you need them. The rails will keep your fancy shoes safe and secure which will keep them off of the floor of your closet. At a glance, you will be able to see if you need to get a new pair of shoes for a special occasion or that you can wear a pair of shoes that you already own. Custom racks for ties and belts will ensure that your man never loses another belt or tie.

Custom racks for belts, scarves, and ties keep these special items accessible, untangled, and wrinkle-free. Ties will no longer need to be stuffed in drawers and you will no longer need to worry about the dog chewing on the belts. With front-and-center storage, it is no problem to store belts, scarves, and ties without ever losing one again. You can also protect your jewelry with wood-lined jewelry drawers.

Custom jewelry drawers will protect all of your valuables including your gold, silver, and pearl jewelry as well as your sunglasses and watches. The individual compartments are a great place to store earrings, bracelets, and necklaces so they do not get jumbled together and get scratched or tangled. You can also store matching sets of jewelry together so you can accessorize without a problem. When it is time to do laundry, integrated hampers make this chore easier.

Pull-out and tilt hampers not only stores dirty clothes, but it keeps them off of the floor also. It is a stress-free system for keeping dirty clothes in them while you are getting dressed and undressed. Custom laundry hamper liners make it very simple to gather the laundry and sort it when you need to watch it. There are also other accessories that will make your closet the most convenient closet available.

Other accessories such as revolving shoe racks, mirrors, custom designed hooks, and even a pull-out ironing board are additional options that you can utilize to customize your closet. No matter what your custom closet needs are, custom closet accessories can fine tune the design of your closet to make it however you want. Custom closets are for children also.

Custom closets will help your children learn the great skill of organization early with a custom closet system that makes it easy for them to maintain their closet. Their closet can have shoe racks, low hanging rods, and drawers so your kids can easily dress themselves and put away their own laundry. The result is much cleaner bedrooms and happy mothers. All of these accessories will make your custom closet more efficient.


Should You Have Lighting in Your Closet?

Should you have lighting in your closet? At first, this may seem like a silly question – all walk in closets should have some sort of lighting. But what about backlit lighting? That is, lighting that frames the contents of the closet and allows you to display your wardrobe in style and showcases your fine taste.

Why Use Lighting?

Lighting can be used for functional and aesthetic reasons. It’s often overlooked when redesigning one’s closet, and yet, it can make your closet into a thing of beauty and pleasing to the eye.

What Types of Lighting Makes Sense for Custom Closets?

Lighting is a largely subjective topic. The idea of using lighting to enhance your custom closet is a bit of an art form and not everyone will want to use it. When you use lighting, you’ll want to use it in dark corners to lighten them up, use ribbon lights on the bottom shelf and just above the upper shelf to give the appearance of space by pointing the upper lights toward the ceiling and the lower lights toward the floor.

You can have lights in the drawers of your closet so that the drawers are illuminated when you open them. That way, even when it is dark, you can see what you are looking for. You can have lights shining down on each of your clothing racks, and you can have display cases, properly lit, that show off your prized possessions.

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What Kinds of Lights Should I Use?

You may be thinking that lighting can be expensive both as a project and in their use of energy. Nowadays with the advent of energy efficient, cool LED lights, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use lighting. For just pennies you can have an amazing look that is stylish, practical, and inexpensive.

With big overhead lights, you might want to use dimmer switches to soften the mood of the room, itself. That way, when you go into a closet, you aren’t necessarily “blinded by the light.”

Other Uses for Lighting in Closets

Lighting in closets have its practical side too. You can add lighting in hallway and guest closets so that certain racks and features of the closet are emphasized for your guests. In a guest room, emphasizing the cabinet with toiletries, towels, and extra blankets might give a warm and appealing look to their room.

If you have dedicated a closet to holding important items such as wine racks and wine, you can use the LED lights to shine through the wine racks and create an amazing effect as the light plays through the wine bottles.

If you’re looking for custom closets DC or custom closets Northern VA contact us at Custom Closets for all your closet remodeling needs.

Custom Closets DC

Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Closets Northern Virginia

Custom closets

Custom closets are getting more and more common. They come in different styles and designs from wood to wire, to hanging shelves. Each custom closets Northern Virginia provides a unique approach to help you get your wardrobe organized. Custom closets are made to suit both your taste and budget. The best way to choose the one that will perfectly match your needs is by putting some tips in mind that will assist you to settle for the best. Some of these guidelines include;

Custom Closets DC

Avoid space wastage

Custom closets are made for storage, and you should, therefore, ensure you use all that is available. This is starting from the floor to the ceiling. Consider if your closet is big enough and if it is worth sacrificing more space. A good custom closet allows you to store a lot of stuff and you will not require a traditional clothing closet. Other items like drawers, bins, shoe racks, pull out containers and shelves are used to store different items especially the items you use on a daily basis or things you only use during seasons or holidays. Therefore, maximize your options to create enough space.

Consider lighting things up

Using fluorescent lights helps you look for things in the dark corners of the closet. Avoid using incandescent bulbs since they generate heat in small areas. Some of the best choices include windows and skylights but you should be careful with prolonged exposure to the sun as sunlight could make colors fade and destroy fabrics. The best way is to have light coming from all angles of the closet since if it is coming from behind or overhead, it will cast dark shadows, and this could hinder visibility.

custom closets northern virginia

Get familiar with your wardrobe and personal habits

Each item needs its space depending on how often you use it. For example, socks require little space since you can roll them. Also, stacking your shirts will occupy less space than hanging up the shirts. If you love jeans and tee-shirts, then drawers and shelves are probably the best option for you than hooks and poles. Put this tips in mind when choosing a design for custom closets custom closets Northern Virginia.

Luxury additions

Maybe you are the kind of person who would love to sit as you put your shoes and socks in the closet. Consider adding that feature in your design. Also, you may require a mirror if you are the type of person who is fussy about dressing and love to see yourself as you try out outfits.

Prevent mold and mildew

These are the worst enemies of custom closets DC. Closets with unmoving air are likely to attract moisture, moths and mold spores. Try choosing a design with ventilation or a humidifier.

Limit the number of drawers

Drawers are essential for storing small items like lingerie, socks, and jewelry. However, other things like t-shirts, sweaters, and trousers are better put in shelves. You only need to fold them since shelves take smaller space than drawers. They also help you view your closet in a better way offering it a retail-like look.

Back in the days, closets were simple. All they had is a pole to hang things and probably a crate for a few shoes. Things have, however, changed and nowadays numerous options are available, enhancing the appearance of your room by organizing your stuff. If you need custom closets Northern VA, do not hesitate to come to us for help. Let your imagination run wild and get the most brainstorming design of your dreams.

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Saving Space with Closets

One of the most important areas of your home to maximize space effectively is undoubtedly in closets. A well-arranged closet means that you will be saved the trouble of digging through only to find that the item of clothing that you wanted is so creased that it is unwearable! Closets are for so much more than simply storing your clothing, there are countless different types of closets that are all utilized in a variety of different ways, some will store dresses whereas some will house tins of food. What follows is a look at some of the different kinds of closets, and some advice on how you can truly maximize their usage.

custom closet dc

Walk-in Closets

The walk-in custom closets are undoubtedly the king of closets, offering the highest storage capacity whilst also allowing you to walk around inside of it while figuring out what you want to wear. With the right size and design, walk-in closets not only store your clothes, they showcase them. When you have enough room for a walk-in the options for furnishing it are endless, you may decide to utilize a wall or shelving unit to divide the space in two, to accommodate the clothes and footwear of two people. When it comes to making the most of your walk-in, the key is to tailor it completely to your own personal needs.

custom closets northern va

Reach-in Closets

Although they are somewhat smaller than their walk-in counterparts, reach-in closets also come in many different styles and offer an effective solution to your storage needs. As a reach-in only offers an arm’s-length amount of depth it is crucial to maximize the storage capacity by utilizing the vertical space effectively. The most traditional reach-in closets feature one long bar for hanging items on, reach-in closets will often have a shelf above the hanging pole for additional storage. Some effective tips for maximizing the storage space of a reach-in closet is to utilize both the space above the bar and below.


Wardrobe Closets

A wardrobe closet is essentially a reach-in closet that is not built in to the house, or fixed in location. Wardrobes are generally less popular now than they have been in history as they are generally heavy cumbersome objects made from oak or other such materials. Today, most wardrobes are used to serve more of a decorative purpose than a storage one, but can really bring a regal look and tone to a room, if that is what you desire.


A pantry is a closet that is designed exclusively to store perishable food and culinary equipment, pantries are generally found near the kitchen and can be both reach-in size or walk-in size. In modern homes it is common for larger pantries to be present, whereas in older homes pantries are traditionally reach-in size. In more modern, larger pantries it is not uncommon to find that they have been designed to be door-less or partitioned in a way that allows for someone to easily exit the pantry with their hands full. The use of wire or wooden shelving is the most popular way of increasing the storage capacity of pantries.