Should You Have Lighting in Your Closet?

Should you have lighting in your closet? At first, this may seem like a silly question – all walk in closets should have some sort of lighting. But what about backlit lighting? That is, lighting that frames the contents of the closet and allows you to display your wardrobe in style and showcases your fine taste.

Why Use Lighting?

Lighting can be used for functional and aesthetic reasons. It’s often overlooked when redesigning one’s closet, and yet, it can make your closet into a thing of beauty and pleasing to the eye.

What Types of Lighting Makes Sense for Custom Closets?

Lighting is a largely subjective topic. The idea of using lighting to enhance your custom closet is a bit of an art form and not everyone will want to use it. When you use lighting, you’ll want to use it in dark corners to lighten them up, use ribbon lights on the bottom shelf and just above the upper shelf to give the appearance of space by pointing the upper lights toward the ceiling and the lower lights toward the floor.

You can have lights in the drawers of your closet so that the drawers are illuminated when you open them. That way, even when it is dark, you can see what you are looking for. You can have lights shining down on each of your clothing racks, and you can have display cases, properly lit, that show off your prized possessions.

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What Kinds of Lights Should I Use?

You may be thinking that lighting can be expensive both as a project and in their use of energy. Nowadays with the advent of energy efficient, cool LED lights, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use lighting. For just pennies you can have an amazing look that is stylish, practical, and inexpensive.

With big overhead lights, you might want to use dimmer switches to soften the mood of the room, itself. That way, when you go into a closet, you aren’t necessarily “blinded by the light.”

Other Uses for Lighting in Closets

Lighting in closets have its practical side too. You can add lighting in hallway and guest closets so that certain racks and features of the closet are emphasized for your guests. In a guest room, emphasizing the cabinet with toiletries, towels, and extra blankets might give a warm and appealing look to their room.

If you have dedicated a closet to holding important items such as wine racks and wine, you can use the LED lights to shine through the wine racks and create an amazing effect as the light plays through the wine bottles.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Closets Northern Virginia

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Custom closets are getting more and more common. They come in different styles and designs from wood to wire, to hanging shelves. Each custom closets Northern Virginia provides a unique approach to help you get your wardrobe organized. Custom closets are made to suit both your taste and budget. The best way to choose the one that will perfectly match your needs is by putting some tips in mind that will assist you to settle for the best. Some of these guidelines include;

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Avoid space wastage

Custom closets are made for storage, and you should, therefore, ensure you use all that is available. This is starting from the floor to the ceiling. Consider if your closet is big enough and if it is worth sacrificing more space. A good custom closet allows you to store a lot of stuff and you will not require a traditional clothing closet. Other items like drawers, bins, shoe racks, pull out containers and shelves are used to store different items especially the items you use on a daily basis or things you only use during seasons or holidays. Therefore, maximize your options to create enough space.

Consider lighting things up

Using fluorescent lights helps you look for things in the dark corners of the closet. Avoid using incandescent bulbs since they generate heat in small areas. Some of the best choices include windows and skylights but you should be careful with prolonged exposure to the sun as sunlight could make colors fade and destroy fabrics. The best way is to have light coming from all angles of the closet since if it is coming from behind or overhead, it will cast dark shadows, and this could hinder visibility.

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Get familiar with your wardrobe and personal habits

Each item needs its space depending on how often you use it. For example, socks require little space since you can roll them. Also, stacking your shirts will occupy less space than hanging up the shirts. If you love jeans and tee-shirts, then drawers and shelves are probably the best option for you than hooks and poles. Put this tips in mind when choosing a design for custom closets custom closets Northern Virginia.

Luxury additions

Maybe you are the kind of person who would love to sit as you put your shoes and socks in the closet. Consider adding that feature in your design. Also, you may require a mirror if you are the type of person who is fussy about dressing and love to see yourself as you try out outfits.

Prevent mold and mildew

These are the worst enemies of custom closets DC. Closets with unmoving air are likely to attract moisture, moths and mold spores. Try choosing a design with ventilation or a humidifier.

Limit the number of drawers

Drawers are essential for storing small items like lingerie, socks, and jewelry. However, other things like t-shirts, sweaters, and trousers are better put in shelves. You only need to fold them since shelves take smaller space than drawers. They also help you view your closet in a better way offering it a retail-like look.

Back in the days, closets were simple. All they had is a pole to hang things and probably a crate for a few shoes. Things have, however, changed and nowadays numerous options are available, enhancing the appearance of your room by organizing your stuff. If you need custom closets Northern VA, do not hesitate to come to us for help. Let your imagination run wild and get the most brainstorming design of your dreams.

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Saving Space with Closets

One of the most important areas of your home to maximize space effectively is undoubtedly in closets. A well-arranged closet means that you will be saved the trouble of digging through only to find that the item of clothing that you wanted is so creased that it is unwearable! Closets are for so much more than simply storing your clothing, there are countless different types of closets that are all utilized in a variety of different ways, some will store dresses whereas some will house tins of food. What follows is a look at some of the different kinds of closets, and some advice on how you can truly maximize their usage.

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Walk-in Closets

The walk-in custom closets are undoubtedly the king of closets, offering the highest storage capacity whilst also allowing you to walk around inside of it while figuring out what you want to wear. With the right size and design, walk-in closets not only store your clothes, they showcase them. When you have enough room for a walk-in the options for furnishing it are endless, you may decide to utilize a wall or shelving unit to divide the space in two, to accommodate the clothes and footwear of two people. When it comes to making the most of your walk-in, the key is to tailor it completely to your own personal needs.

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Reach-in Closets

Although they are somewhat smaller than their walk-in counterparts, reach-in closets also come in many different styles and offer an effective solution to your storage needs. As a reach-in only offers an arm’s-length amount of depth it is crucial to maximize the storage capacity by utilizing the vertical space effectively. The most traditional reach-in closets feature one long bar for hanging items on, reach-in closets will often have a shelf above the hanging pole for additional storage. Some effective tips for maximizing the storage space of a reach-in closet is to utilize both the space above the bar and below.


Wardrobe Closets

A wardrobe closet is essentially a reach-in closet that is not built in to the house, or fixed in location. Wardrobes are generally less popular now than they have been in history as they are generally heavy cumbersome objects made from oak or other such materials. Today, most wardrobes are used to serve more of a decorative purpose than a storage one, but can really bring a regal look and tone to a room, if that is what you desire.


A pantry is a closet that is designed exclusively to store perishable food and culinary equipment, pantries are generally found near the kitchen and can be both reach-in size or walk-in size. In modern homes it is common for larger pantries to be present, whereas in older homes pantries are traditionally reach-in size. In more modern, larger pantries it is not uncommon to find that they have been designed to be door-less or partitioned in a way that allows for someone to easily exit the pantry with their hands full. The use of wire or wooden shelving is the most popular way of increasing the storage capacity of pantries.