Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Closets Northern Virginia

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12/10/2017 closetremodel

Tips for Choosing the Best Custom Closets Northern Virginia

Custom closets

Custom closets are getting more and more common. They come in different styles and designs from wood to wire, to hanging shelves. Each custom closets Northern Virginia provides a unique approach to help you get your wardrobe organized. Custom closets are made to suit both your taste and budget. The best way to choose the one that will perfectly match your needs is by putting some tips in mind that will assist you to settle for the best. Some of these guidelines include;

Custom Closets DC

Avoid space wastage

Custom closets are made for storage, and you should, therefore, ensure you use all that is available. This is starting from the floor to the ceiling. Consider if your closet is big enough and if it is worth sacrificing more space. A good custom closet allows you to store a lot of stuff and you will not require a traditional clothing closet. Other items like drawers, bins, shoe racks, pull out containers and shelves are used to store different items especially the items you use on a daily basis or things you only use during seasons or holidays. Therefore, maximize your options to create enough space.

Consider lighting things up

Using fluorescent lights helps you look for things in the dark corners of the closet. Avoid using incandescent bulbs since they generate heat in small areas. Some of the best choices include windows and skylights but you should be careful with prolonged exposure to the sun as sunlight could make colors fade and destroy fabrics. The best way is to have light coming from all angles of the closet since if it is coming from behind or overhead, it will cast dark shadows, and this could hinder visibility.

custom closets northern virginia

Get familiar with your wardrobe and personal habits

Each item needs its space depending on how often you use it. For example, socks require little space since you can roll them. Also, stacking your shirts will occupy less space than hanging up the shirts. If you love jeans and tee-shirts, then drawers and shelves are probably the best option for you than hooks and poles. Put this tips in mind when choosing a design for custom closets custom closets Northern Virginia.

Luxury additions

Maybe you are the kind of person who would love to sit as you put your shoes and socks in the closet. Consider adding that feature in your design. Also, you may require a mirror if you are the type of person who is fussy about dressing and love to see yourself as you try out outfits.

Prevent mold and mildew

These are the worst enemies of custom closets DC. Closets with unmoving air are likely to attract moisture, moths and mold spores. Try choosing a design with ventilation or a humidifier.

Limit the number of drawers

Drawers are essential for storing small items like lingerie, socks, and jewelry. However, other things like t-shirts, sweaters, and trousers are better put in shelves. You only need to fold them since shelves take smaller space than drawers. They also help you view your closet in a better way offering it a retail-like look.

Back in the days, closets were simple. All they had is a pole to hang things and probably a crate for a few shoes. Things have, however, changed and nowadays numerous options are available, enhancing the appearance of your room by organizing your stuff. If you need custom closets Northern VA, do not hesitate to come to us for help. Let your imagination run wild and get the most brainstorming design of your dreams.

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