5 Tips for Organizing Your Baby’s Closet

08/02/2022 Design

5 Tips for Organizing Your Baby’s Closet


Whether you realize it or not, closets for baby clothes are a centerpiece in your little one’s daily life. On any given day, how many soiled clothes get tossed into the hamper, forcing you to get a new outfit? How often do you reach out for a fresh diaper? With your baby in one hand, how easily can you navigate through her clothes, medicine, skin care products, and everything in between?

With that said, we’re sure you can see how often a closet comes into play throughout your baby’s daily life. Amidst everything that happens from feeding and naptime to bath time, and playtime, make your environment work with you. 

An organized baby closet is a great place to start!  

Take a portion off the mental load of parenting by incorporating these tips to organize your baby’s closet in a way that makes the daily life of caring for a baby easier and more efficient.

1. Make Your Baby’s Closet Accessible

To make even the most sleep-deprived parent able to reach out for a fresh change of baby clothes is to make everything accessible.

As a parent, you aren’t always guaranteed to have two free hands, so set up your baby’s closet in an open and unobtrusive way so you can reach out for what your baby needs efficiently. Ideally, you’ll want a design that can give you a full view of what’s inside and clear divisions to allow you to separate items according to need.

As much as your closet will allow, arrange everything so that it’s visible and within arm’s reach for easy access.

Baby’s Closet

2. Organize Your Baby’s Closet According to Function

Take the guesswork out of whether you’re grabbing a burp cloth or a towel by organizing your baby’s closet according to function.

For example, divide according to daywear, sleepwear, playthings, bath time, etc. The idea here is to easily know where specific items are when you need them instead of rummaging through a mishmashed pile of baby things.

3. Clear Out What’s No Longer Needed in Your Baby’s Closet

Babies outgrow their clothes very quickly, so it’s wise to keep tabs on what no longer fits and is just taking up precious closet real estate.

Free up space and make room for clothes that do fit your little one by frequently taking out clothes that no longer do. A good time frame to check for what clothes don’t fit is at least every 3 months.


4. Let Go of Perfection in Your Nursery

Do yourself a favor and don’t fall prey to the picture-perfect closets you see online. Let us remind you that these curated images do not represent reality, and no parent should ever feel guilty if they find it impossible to get their baby’s closet organized to that level of curated picture of perfection.

5. Build a Baby Closet Designed for What You Need 

Connect with our Closet Design Team to get the perfect closet for your little one. We manufacture custom closets that will serve you in the years to come as your child grows. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, our award-winning closet designers can help bring your dream baby closet to life.

Remember: The best-organized baby closet is the one that suits your and your baby’s lifestyle. 

Taking the time to organize your baby’s closet is not just visually rewarding. A well-kept closet is an essential nursery piece that can make the difference between feeling put together and ready for what the day brings for parents and babies alike!


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