Peek-A-Boo: Hidden Walk-In Closets

01/11/2023 closet

Peek-A-Boo: Hidden Walk-In Closets

Hidden walk-in closets, often referred to as “peek-a-boo” closets, offer a clever and stylish way to create a concealed storage space within your home. These hidden closets provide a sense of intrigue and can be a unique design feature. Here’s how you can create a hidden walk-in closet:

  • Choose a Location: Determine where you want to create your hidden walk-in closet. It could be in a bedroom, a hallway, or any suitable space.
  • Create a False Wall or Door: The most common approach is to create a false wall or door that blends with the surrounding wall. This can be achieved in several ways:
    • Bookcase Door: Install a bookcase on a hinge system that swings open to reveal the hidden closet when pushed. The bookcase can be real or custom-made to match the wall.
    • Mirrored Wall: Use mirrored panels to disguise the hidden space. The mirrors not only create an illusion of space but also serve a functional purpose.
    • Paneled Wall: Craft a decorative paneled wall that can be opened to access the closet. The panels can be designed to match your room’s decor.
    • Secret Passage Door: If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can install a hidden door that appears to be part of the wall, such as a sliding or pivoting door. These may require more complex construction.
  • Lighting: Consider adding concealed lighting within the hidden closet space. LED strips or puck lights can be installed to provide adequate illumination when the closet is revealed.
  • Closet Organization: Design the hidden closet with efficient storage solutions. Install shelves, hanging rods, drawers, and any other organizers you need for your specific storage needs.
  • Finishing Touches: Ensure that the hidden walk-in closet matches the aesthetics of the surrounding room. Paint, wallpaper, or use materials that blend seamlessly with the room’s decor.
  • Safety: If the hidden closet is intended to store valuables or is located in a children’s room, make sure it’s safe and secure. You may want to install a lock or keypad entry system.
  • Reveal Mechanism: Choose a suitable mechanism to reveal the hidden closet. This could be as simple as pushing on a bookcase or as advanced as using a remote control, depending on your preferences and budget.
  • Handles and Hardware: For a completely concealed look, consider using hidden handles or hardware on the false wall or door to maintain the secret appearance.
  • Functional Design: Ensure the hidden closet is functional for your specific storage needs. Consider incorporating features like shoe racks, jewelry storage, and hanging space, depending on what you plan to store in it.
  • Maintain Secrecy: To maintain the “peek-a-boo” aspect of the closet, only reveal it when necessary. Keep the surrounding area clear to ensure easy access.


Hidden walk-in closets can be a fun and creative way to maximize storage space while adding an element of surprise to your home’s design. Just be sure to plan the design carefully to ensure it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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