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Different Types of Closets and How to Choose the Right One for Yourself  
How do we best describe a closet? An enclosed space or a structure designed for storage, particularly clothes? Or should we say, an amalgamation of aesthetics and function when it comes to storing things? Whatever term we may assign to a closet, all definitions meet at a central point: it helps you to declutter and […]
10 Tips to Design the Perfect Pantry for Your Kitchen
Modern kitchens are a perfect blend of contemporary aesthetics and an organized storage system. We all want to come back to a kitchen that is clutter-free and gives the user ample space to move around. Everything in its place defines the minimally designed kitchen of the modern age. The onset of minimalism has also led […]
A Complete Guide to Walk-in Closet Dimensions and Layouts
Walk-in closets rule the world of storage solutions. Although much more common currently, they still remain highly desirable and perceptibly luxurious. But just like almost every other major element that goes into designing a home, walk-in closets rely heavily on the accuracy of their design. If designed properly, walk-in closets are truly the belle of […]
Walk in Closet or a Built in Closet – What to Choose and Why
Storage is an area of home improvement that has taken a life of its own in recent times. Once seen as a mere utility and something to be tucked away from sight securely, storage solutions are now getting a lot of attention — and for good reason. Today, a chic closet is much more than […]
Easy Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Garage
There was a time when life was simpler: When things were used for the purpose they were intended for.  So, a kitchen was for cooking, the dining room was for eating and the garage, well, for cars.   But look at how we complicated our lives!!   Chances are, if you go check 10 homes, […]
Easy Storage Ideas for Every Room in Your House
Even though the cities are getting bigger, our living spaces have been constantly shrinking. Such a crunch obviously demands that we as homeowners be creative about how we use the available space and make the most of it. A way to solve the issue can be to maximize storage by reducing how much space things […]
How to Organize Your Closets to Make the Most of Storage Space
Keeping your closet well organized is one of those lessons that you are taught early in life. It is similar to those“keep your shoes clean” and “do not waste food” lessons that are meant to stay with you for your life. Except as an adult, there are times when we stare at our closet and find that […]