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Custom Closet in Ashburn VA

Custom Closet in Ashburn VA


Why do we need a custom closet? Let’s face it, most of us have an abundance of stuff. Bedroom closets overflowing with clothes, shoes and accessories, kitchen pantries stacked with food and spices, living rooms wired with electronics, garages bursting with tools and tubs – every part of life is filled with so many things.

The problem is where to store it all. Most of our precious possessions are scattered, piled or disorganized in their storage. We sometimes spend more time finding something than actually using it. We’d like to have a place for everything, but there are too many things and not enough places.

We Can Help

We design specialized, custom closet and organization solutions in Ashburn VA for any environment. From your bedroom to your garage to your office, we can create stunning, efficient, completely customized arrangements of drawers, shelves, hangers, cabinets and whatever else you might need, to put all your items instantly at your fingertips and in perfect order.

The Possibilities

vustom-closet-ashburn-vaWhatever you need to organize, we have a solution.

  • Bedroom closets. Let us create a customized closet organizer solution for your clothes, shoes, hats, bedding and other personal items. Put everything within easy reach and instantly accessible.
  • Laundry rooms. Imagine your laundry room with the shelves, storage and work areas you need to breeze through every load efficiently. Organize your efforts, and you’ll spend less time working and more time relaxing.
  • Kitchen pantries. Get your stocks and staples all laid out in an easy-to-find order. Even your dry produce, spices, and that special wine rack get tucked into their own special places for easy access.

custom-closets-ashburn-vaLiving room entertainment areas. Let us tame your jungle! Video games, streaming devices, players, sound systems and all those cables make for a tangled web of media mania. We can create a beautiful, stylish entertainment center customized to contain it all and leave your living area looking polished and perfect. We can hide your cables, interconnect your devices and store all your accessories for easy access.

  • Workspaces. Whether you work from home, have a place set aside for hobbies, or occupy that special corner office, we can make your workplace more efficient and aesthetic with organized closet systems and work areas.
  • Garages. Imagine every tool in its place, from the shovels to the sockets. Get your wildest chaos mastered with specific, wall-to-wall storage solutions.

Need A custom Closet? Don’t Wait – Get Organized Today

Turn your mayhem into magnificence with custom closet systems designed just for you and your home or office. We can schedule a consultation, determine your specific needs and get you a quote with all the amazing options created just for you.

Contact us today and let’s get your project started!

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With a wide range of services, Closet & Beyond takes pride in delivering high-quality craftsmanship and exceptional service to each customer. We are dedicated to designing storage solutions that suit individual styles and requirements. Whether a custom closet or home office remodel, we enjoy working with challenging spaces, such as curved walls, angled walls and sloped ceilings. Sign up today for a free design consultation with our team for more information.

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Anna jennifer

We had a very positive experience working with Closet & Beyond folks. Their designer was knowledgable, and provide us with options without trying to ‘up-sell’. The installers arrived as promised, did a very professional job in a very efficient manner, and made sure we were happy with the final product before they called it a day.

Steve Rubin

Closet & Beyond is a terrific company that does solid work. We have used them on four separate occasions to do major room organization jobs – office, kid’s bedrooms and our master closet and the work is always exemplary.

Their expertise is tops, their materials are selected with care and they stand the test of time and if there is ever a problem they have a very efficient repair crew.

Vladimir Strat

The quality of their cabinets are second to none. I like smoothness of the moving drawers. The latches and everything is built to last.

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